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Child Custody Battles


1.  Video showing an unfit parent being unfit works best.  Under the influence, abusive behavior, or child endangerment are good areas.


2.  Video showing the new significant other being dangerous to your children is second best.


3.  Video showing unsafe or unstable living conditions is third choice.


4.  Remember criminal records on either of them can be used too in a custody battle.


5.  Write down every time the other spouse went nuts, denied visitation or anything out of the norm.  At a minimum you need date, time and circumstances.  Otherwise it’s just your word against theirs and you know they are writing stuff down about you.


6.  Will they use your kids to spy on you?  Well, yes they will!  They report back on everything, like what they ate, what they did, who you were with, when they went to bed, was the house clean, everything! 


7.  Once saw a guy catch a surprise DHS inspection, because his ex-wife knew that he had been cooking meth that weekend.  It was odd that the DHS worker had a deputy with her, really a tragic case for the opposition.


8.  Are children used like pawns in child custody battles?  Yes!  Is it right? No!  Normally the more desperate or unstable the spouse is the more the children will get caught up in the battle or in the post-divorce apocalypse that is now the children’s future.


9.  Watch out for SAD!  Sexual Allegations (during) Divorce, this is where one of the parents accuses the other one of sexual misconduct against the children.  Normally it blows up in their face as the DHS/Police always say…”And how long have you known about this?...(Now in Oklahoma it’s a felony to know about Child Abuse and not report it so normally the DHS/Police remind the spouse of this, most spouses back down.)  However a few say, “It started after the divorce” and my child hasn’t acted the same, so they bring in the child psychologists and so on.  The rule is DHS/Police have to check it out, but 90% of the time it’s a spouse trying to claim SAD (Sexual Allegations (during) Divorce.


Bottom Line- You have to take a very active role in protecting your rights as a parent.

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