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Hypnosis is about changing people's perceptions of themselves, other people and their environment.

I use three phrases to put people into hypnosis, which are "Imagine, Pretend, or Just think about this for a minute."  


So what is hypnosis?

It's a naturally occurring state of awareness that the average person experiences 7-12 times a day.  Think of hypnosis as an intense focusing of your mind, like day dreaming is or remembering an old song on the radio.  


So let's give you some examples of hypnosis: 

You are an actor in a movie, you're getting into character for a movie.

Your teacher tells you to be "quiet like little mice" as you walk down the hallway.

You run down the football field like a cheetah, so you can catch the pass and score a touchdown.

Normal Ways Hypnosis is Used:

Hypnosis can get you to stop smoking, lose weight, make more money, and be happier and be healthier.

Hypnosis can give you the edge in competitive sports, so imagine being "in the Zone", and totally focused.  

For security personnel, law enforcement or military personnel, imagine being in a heightened state of awareness able to recognize friend from foe faster, your shot groups smaller, your memory afterwards more complete.  Your mechanical skills faster and your mental and manual dexterity more focused.

Hypnosis can help you sleep better, manage chronic pain better, help you de-stress quicker and reduce your anxiety.


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