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I'm Being Spied On

Contrary to popular belief, this is really getting popular, I’m seeing an infected phone about once a week now. The programs are the purchased ones like mSpy, FlexiSPY, and Highster Mobile. Each have their own set of programs that you have to hunt for, but a factory reset will get 2 out of 3 programs fixed.

First off, you are looking for symptoms like:

Your battery goes down on your phone.

Your phone or computer settings keep changing.

Your stalker keeps showing up where you are.

The bad guy/s seem to know who you are talking to and what you are talking about.

Odd pictures and videos of you start surfacing.

The second thing is:

Has anyone had access to your phone for 10 minutes, alone? (Maybe while you were asleep, in the bathroom, whatever???)

Do you download applications, Gifs, or videos sent to you by your friends, including Facebook stuff?

How to fix it:

The cheapest way is to go to your phone store and do a factory reset on your phone, just make sure that your contacts, videos and pictures are backed up first.


Change all your passwords associated with your phone to include Google too!

Hackers seldom just stop at your cell phone, so look at your other devices too. Two months ago a hacker took over a girls router, her laptop, desktop, and tablet.

The factory reset is good for everything except mSpy, which monitors your ICloud and I believe ITunes activity now. So change any of those passwords too.

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