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You just got served

Here’s the problem, most people don’t realize there is a problem in their marriage until it’s too late to fix it or to protect themselves.

Some people are victims of a “Pearl Harbor” style of divorce.  A “Pearl Harbor” is where you are suddenly handed divorce papers, without warning. 

The “Pearl Harbor” is made up of variations of the following:

The Restraining Order.

Your children are in your spouses or significant other’s custody. 

The house may be empty of everything but your stuff or totally empty.

A police officer may be waiting to escort you through the house to collect a few things. 

You might leave work only to find your vehicle gone.

All this is done to show you that they now have “power and control” over you.  The “they” is your future ex-spouse and their family, lover/s or friends. 

It is during the days and weeks leading up to the “Pearl Harbor” phase where priceless heirlooms, family jewelry, vehicles, investment and bank accounts are all looted, while all the credit cards are maxed out, even the ones that were fraudulently taken out in your name.

You may notice odd bills coming in the mail, odd phone calls and other odd things happening right before the actual “Pearl Harbor” Day.  If so, your spouse will tell you, “they will take care of it” or “it was a mistake in the billing”, but they are lying to you.

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