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Something is Not Right



 When did they noticeably change colognes, clothes styles, or do things like switch from boxer to bikini underwear?

 When did they start working out? 


 What is their current daily travel pattern and when did it change?


 Is there LOST TIME when they can not be reached during the day, week or month, or maybe it’s traveling on trips or when you’re traveling?


Who do they call and when do they call others and has that changed?  Normally their “people patterns” will change as most people don’t like covering for cheaters, unless they are cheaters too.  It’s the whole birds of a feather flock together concept.


Is money missing or have you found odd bank statements?


Sudden Mood Swings?  Cheating requires a great deal of mental energy and toward the end the cheaters run out of mental energy and they tend to snap at you as they have stopped caring about you.


Increased drinking or drug use (prescription or illegal).  Cheaters are already unhappy so look for drinking or drug use to increase or to decrease because they have finally found happiness.  Either way it will change.


Do they visit friends or work at odd hours?  Most people call this a cover story; they will say they will have no witnesses or the same witness every time.


Fights, threats, public or private confrontations?  Here again they have stopped caring about your feelings and will embarrass you in public.


Change in sex habits?  It could be more at first because they are over compensating or it could be less because they’ve lost interest in you.


Ask your children and REALLY TRUSTED FRIENDS if they have noticed anything unusual in your spouse’s behavior.  Ask them to be honest with you, because at this point being in a state of denial only gets your kids, car and house taken away from you quicker!


Stay friends with their friends, so you can gain information from them, but don’t fall into the trap of telling them everything because they will tell your spouse everything that you say.  There is safety in playing dumb.


Remember people are creatures of habit so use that to your advantage. But don’t forget you are also a creature of habit and any new people (i.e. boyfriend or girlfriend) brought into the situation will quickly see your “weaknesses” and exploit them.

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