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Improve Your Learning Abilities!

My Number #1 Best Seller for Helping You Learn, Remember and Recall Information

The Learning System designed to help you learn, remember and recall information in school and in adult education situations. 

In our society, learning is tied to being hired, retained and being promoted. 


Tested in three classrooms where the children showed a one to two letter grade increase on their report cards in the test class and in the two classes that followed afterwards. 


Then we tested the Learning System on 25 college students where the Learning System showed a 50 point average increase in the college student's grades over the control group that didn't receive the Learning System.  During testing the student's grades were also one letter grade above the group that didn't listen to the music.

2 Minutes of Easy Learning - Danny Snow
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"I was failing my college math class, but Danny told me to trust him and listen to the ocean waves when I studied and I passed my math class!" 

Sammy, 2017

Coffee for Your Brain with Extra Focus

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2 Minutes of Coffee for your brain - Danny Snow
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Coffee For Your Brain with Extra Focus is designed to mentally wake you up and give you extra focus.  To be used on difficult projects or listened to right before a big test.  I designed this one to help me with my Master's degree as the studying was pretty rough.


"I listen to Coffee for Your Brain every morning on my way to work.  It makes the crazy in the office go away quicker when I get there!

Dinah, 2016

60 Minutes of Creativity

60 Minutes of Creativity is a creative power hour designed to enhance your natural abilities and stretch your imagination!

Best for writers, business professionals and students under deadlines to produce innovative and creative materials.

60 Minutes of Creativity.JPG
5 Minutes of Creativity - Danny Snow
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In my Espionage class I had to write a multi leveled intrusion plan on an imaginary international company.  This is the song that helped me be the only one in my class to successfully complete the mission with a realistic and pausable plan that was under the budget that we were given.

Theta Attention Booster!

Theta Attention Booster helps people focus their attention so they can be aware and solve problems. 


Originally designed to help me through my master's program at twice the normal class load and I needed every edge I could get to keep my 3.97 GPA.

2 Minutes of Theta Attention Booster - Danny Snow
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Theta wave help with focus and clarity of thought.  The is a great program for students, multi-tasking adults and people hit with super large amounts of stupid, that they have to react to.

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