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Wave Therapy Focusing Center 

Wave Therapy Focusing Products use Isochronic Tones, so you don't have to wear earphones for the songs to work, but you can still wear earphones if you still want to. 

So what is Wave Therapy Focusing?

Wave Therapy Focusing is a technique where I use Dr. Royal Rife's work on Rife Frequencies with isochronic tones and advanced psychology methods to help people achieve their desired goals. 


My Wave Therapy Focusing songs are carefully crafted, then extensively Beta Tested using a small group of volunteers, then improved upon, then retested, and finally tested in a double blind study on a larger group of volunteers.   

To give you a clearer understanding:  Pretend you want to go to sleep.  Normally you would have to listen to Delta Waves at 1-3 Hertz, then your brain begins transmitting Delta Waves at 1-3 Hertz to the rest of your body and eventually you would go to sleep.  


But what if you are in pain?  Or anxious?  Then Delta Waves at 1-3 Hertz isn't going to put you to sleep and worse, Delta Waves at 1-3 Hertz won't keep you asleep as the process of sleep is much more complicated and harder to maintain when you are in pain, anxious or stressed.  So after years of research and study trials, I invented Wave Therapy Focusing to solve these complex problems for people suffering from multiple afflictions.

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