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Sleep Improvement

8 Hours of Sleep, Pain Relief and Gentle


My Number #1 Best Seller!!!

8 Hours of Elephant Tranquilizer Healing with Rainfall

This is called the Elephant Tranquilizer of my Sleep Songs, in that it puts most people to sleep, and if not asleep, then it leaves them feeling very relaxed.

This 8 hour song was made to quickly relax your mind and then put you to sleep and keep you asleep.  After which the song will signal your mind and body to begin healing itself.

This song was originally designed for people that had been badly injured in an accident or recovering from surgery, but couldn't sleep because they were in too much pain.  The lack of sleep then kept their body from healing properly.

Warning---Listening to just 5 minutes of this music will make you very groggy!!!


"We listen to your sleep song every night!  The pain in my back is gone now and my hands aren't numb anymore."

Stacy, 2017

"I use this song to go to sleep every night now.  It used to be so hard to turn off my brain." 

Jenny, 2016

8 Hours of Emergency Sleep and Pain Relief with Gentle Healing with Trinidad Ocean Waves


This song was one of the first songs that I built and was the song all my friends wanted, and their friends wanted, and so on.  

It is designed to help a person in pain, to be able to relax and go to sleep and then stay asleep.


Some doctors say that without sleep, there can be no healing, so that's why I spent so much time working on this song.



Sample of 8 Hours of Emergency Sleep and Pain Relief with Gentle Healing - Danny Snow
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